Killinaboy Round Tower
At a Glance
County Clare
OS Map 51
OS Coordinate R 272 915
Condition ivy covered stump
Height 3.5 m
Doorway Type N/A
Window Type N/A
Number of Windows none
Ground to Doorway N/A
Distinguishing Features featureless stump
Traditional Association St. Baoithe
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Killinaboy Round Tower, Co. Clare

Killinaboy Round Tower
County Clare
O.S. Map 51
Visited May 20, 2006

Location: Killinaboy village is north of Corofin on the R 476. The round tower stands at the far edge of the graveyard and is not noticeable from the road as it is covered in a thick crown of ivy and other vegetation. Steps rise from the road to a gate in front of the late medieval church, recognized by the gable immediately inside this gate. The stonework on this wall forms a very nice two-armed cross, though this is becoming obscured by ivy as well.

Dimensions: No offset at ground level is visible. The tower has an external diameter of 15.08 meters. About 12 courses of fairly well-dressed limestone can be seen under the heavy foliage growing on the tower. This stub contains no doors or windows.

Features: There are no truly identifying features of this tower, other than the heavy growth of vegetation.

Comments: The tower and church are in danger of being completely overgrown at this time. Someone has obviously been looking after the site, as the sheela-na-gig was well-cleared, unlike the majority of the building over which she presides. The tower itself, in addition to the ivy and bushes growing in and on it, sports a healthy growth of grass at its top. This suggests that the interior may be filled to its top course of stone, rather than hollow, as would be expected.

History: This site is said to have had a daughter of Baiothe as its patroness, but little is known of the monastery at Killinaboy. In the Statistical Survey of 1808, the tower stood virtually the same as is found today.

Other Items of Interest: The church at the top of the entrance stairway has a large double-armed cross designed into the stone taking up most of the west gable. It is difficult to photograph but well executed. Over the doorway of this church is a rather stern-looking sheela-na-gig. Inside the 16th century church are several interesting 17th century graves - one of which has a good, if primitive, crucifixion scene with simplified foliage decoration.

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